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New font in standard apps?

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Hi all,

I noticed that the Phone, Messages and Clock (maybe others too) apps now have a new font - or has this been present for a while, but I didn't notice?

I assume these are standard Google fonts right, not specific to HMD or the Nokia 8?

Cheers :)

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all the apps you mention have recently been updated with Googles material design.

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Wow, you replied quickly! Do you have a way of being notified of new posts?

Thanks for the explanation. So I assume that the new font will only come to Google apps, and others will continue to use Roboto? Makes me wonder again if HMD can start using Nokia Pure as the default system font.

Pure luck mate, i don't have any notifications turned on at all as i unfollow all the threads i post in, i just keep popping in often hoping for some news on the 9.0 beta.

As for what is using what i don't really know, Google just seem to endless mess things up in the name of progress.

@madbilly HMD can use whatever font they like as that's the best thing about Android, you can customise it however you want. HMD do use their own font in the Support app.

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Other mobile OSes have also allowed apps to use whatever font they like, AFAIK. I would like HMD to go further with use of Nokia fonts by replacing the system font and others in stock Android apps.

And the "flexibility" of Android here is not much use for the users, because AFAIK we need root access to change the system font ourselves.

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