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User interface bugs after pie update

Bugs that i had noticed after nokia 7 plus got updated to stable pie The date not showing up on the notification shade when light mode is working. Only when you turn on the dark mode in display settings does the date option is getting showed on the top left side of the notification shade/window. The ambient screen is not showing a clock when using a bright white wallpaper. Lock screen message is not showing. But when it does show sometimes, the notifications on the ambient screen are placed on top of it, creating a non-readable situation The UI stutters a bit when switching between apps. The icons are not aligned properly throughout the UI. case in point, the data toggle on the notification shade is leaning towards the left when it should be centred.

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I can confirm the following bugs:

- Date not shown in notification bug when you select light theme (it appears when using dark theme)

- "Mobile Data" icon from the notification bar is not centered

Please see the screenshots attached and correct this bugs ASAP.



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After the pie updated no lockscreen message is shown! When ever u unlock ur phone direct frm fingerprnt scanner not turning ur screen on , at that tym on the home the lockscreens wall will flash on the notification panel! Biggest of all problems- the cast screen has not yet been repaired there is no way to cast screening!

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^^i can echo points one and two of the above post's report^^

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