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Nokia 8 display is a cheap part

4 edges of Nokia 8 display turned pink. It makes me feel like a fool for spending 700usd for this phone. Why do you treat us so bad HMD? This is the last Nokia phone of my life. Now I have a Galaxy S9 plus.

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It's one of the best LCD display I ever seen, I don't think it's so cheap. I have this phone from January and 0 problems. Maybe your phone had some shocks or similar.

I have only experienced this red/pink edges just the once in 12 months of ownership and it was after having the screen on for ages and ages and suddenly going to a plain dark screen (Simple Gallery).

I whacked the brightness up full (it was at 11% on auto which is as low as mine ever goes) and then put it back on auto brightness and the red/pink edges had gone.

I am not saying this is the same for everyone but in my case it did seem to require a pretty specific set of circumstances to make it happen.

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Sorry Mr. Belter, I have to disagree. The way I see it, the display problems already take up a quite significant amount of complaints in this forum. And these are only the people who actually register here and then decide to post about it, too. The only thing worse than Nokia's hardware in this regard is they way they chose to handle this (read ignore it, deny it, decline to fix it). Personally, I have given up after this horrid, disgraceful, months-long and still ongoing and for God-knows-how-long to be ongoing experience with this horrible company and its deceitful behaviour. I have switched to another phone. Obviously not Nokia. Whenever my phone comes back from repairs (I'll insist on repairs this time) I'll sell it online immediately and will continue to warn people about Nokia.

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What bit of:

"I am not saying this is the same for everyone but in my case it did seem to require a pretty specific set of circumstances to make it happen."

Is difficult to understand?

I compared with the Iphone 6s, the white color on Nokia 8 is so terrible. Feels like blue, not white. This is not software problem bro, you guys know that right? Just put an Iphone next to Nokia 8. Sorry for my bad English!
user1535030270126 read any serious review, like GSMArena, the Nokia 8 has one of the best LCD. Deep point of black (and it's an LCD, not an OLED), high point of white, very good color accuracy, high contrast, high brightness (700 nits). The glass is laminated and polarized (this in combination with high brightness means very good visibility under the sunlight). It's true, the white is a little bit bluish, but it's only calibration, then a software problem (turn on night light and the blue tone disappears, I think hmd has decided to privilege contrast and saturation). I prefer a bluish white instead of one yellow. The only problem is that hmd doesn't provide a setting to adjust the calibration based on personal taste, but you cannot reject the display for a secondary problem (the color accuracy is very good, only the white il very cold).
I agree with Belter. I noticed red colour on the edges of the screen few days back(particularly when viewing grey coloured images) but now they're gone. I played some games with full brightness, maybe that's what fixed it. And regarding white colour its completely down to software. Nokia 8 is on cooler side while iphones are little bit on the warmer side. They can be adjusted but Nokia hasn't given us the option.

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К концу горантии тоже стал по бокам дисплей розовый! Это так я понимаю телефон на год!? Где гарантия что после технического сервиса и замены дисплея не будет так же! Нокиа верните мне мои деньги!!! Я больше никогда не куплю телефон бренда Нокиа!!! Вы конченные просто!
The screen on the Nokia 8 was the best LCD in 2017. I've compared it next to the iPhone 8 and LG G6 and the Nokia 8 was better for contrast and colour accuracy. But of course people can have problems with a specific device, Nokia will fix it though.
Its an issue by hardware itself, they are not even changing it for new Nokia 8 devices, its an model issue, i was facing image retaining issue before, but i got replacement from Nokia service centre ( which took 70days ) it is been exact 1month that i got replaced device, this phone is showing red tints around display
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