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Unresponsive Screen


I bought my Nokia 7 Plus in early May and i have really enjoyed it. I replaced a Nexus 6P which had the common fault of turning into a brick.

Two weeks after buying my 7+ I had a big weekend away with my mates and don't remember how I dropped the phone but the damaged sustained was surprisingly minimal. The small crack in the screen did't interfere with anything and seemed only cosmetic. I have been using the Nokia 7 Plus for 5 months with no issues and only the minor damage to the screen. A hairline crack from one corner about half an inch in length in a semi circle shape to an edge.

Two days ago, I was playing Marvel CoC, pressed power button to put onto standby and then went out for an hour. Came back to unlock phone and screen was dead. The screen has remained blank/dead ever since. There is life to the phone because when I try to fingerprint unlock the phone vibrates. If I press the power button it vibrates. Before I tried volume up/power button I could also change the volume to still hear the game.

I have tried holding power button for 1 min, 2 min, 3 min, plugging it into PC and trying to shut it down and also trying volume up/power button every which way possible. I put it in the fridge for 5 min like what worked on my Nexus 6P once and my wifes Nexus 5X.. Screen remains blank/dead.

Any ideas, thoughts or anyone else had this problem?

Is this a dead screen which should be replaced on warranty?

Thanks for reading and your time.

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