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Background services/apps(antivirus, telegram & mail) gets killed, doesn't sync

Hi All

Bought a new Nokia 1 Device with Go edition(Android 8.1.0 with 5 August 2018 Security patch).
Installed Avast Mobile Security and activated it.
It runs in the background for some time and then gets killed at some random time.

Visited Avast forum( and disabled "Battery Optimization" and granted "Accessibility Permission".
Still the behavior is same.
The device has 1 GB of Ram and 8GB of ROM.

Also the mail(Protonmail) syncs only when I open the mail app, same is the issue with the Telegram messenger, everything was working as intended on my previous device, without any glitch.


I had same issue from day one of this device and never fixed in series of updates I received via OTA.

I did the two line commands in below URL and all working fine for now. I don't know if this break warranty etc. so at your own risk. I don't have any OTA updates after applied this so not sure if it works with OTA updates.

I appreciate the suggestion - but my battery seems to be behaving quite admirably. Below is a screenshot of the battery stats since it was last on the charger this morning - as you can see, the biggest user of the battery is Android System - nothing else even comes close. The screen used a paltry 1% compared to Android System's 32%. I still have 64% battery remaining - so it doesn't seem to have anything to do with battery. No "hidden" apps are showing up as running and using a lot of battery either. Not saying I'm right - not saying it DOESN'T have anything to do with battery, just I don't see any evidence of it from these stats. WhatsApp Status

Other suggestions ...?

Android is Silently Killing my Apps - How do I stop it?-screenshot_2015-08-30-15-20-33.jpg

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