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Screen black-out

Suddenly the phone's screen was blank. Nothing was there and the screen was black, the phone was working but the screen was black.

This is known issue in all the nokia phones, it was in nokia 3 ,nokia 5 even in some nokia 7 plus phones.

Presently the only solution if it happens is force restart the phone by pressing power button + volume up and volume down all simultaneously, which will make your phone restart and all the function work properly.

This issue was fixed in nokia 3, hope it will be fixed in the nokia 5.1 plus.

My New Nokia 5.1plus also goes black suddenly. Hey NOKIA please fix this "The Only Problem in your Devices" as soon as possible
I am having same problem
I have also same problem.
The Solution is that u need to press & hold Power Button+Volume Up Key for 1minute, ur phone will restart with no further problems
But then after 4days my phone screen goes black again I did made it to switch ON by Pressing & Holding Power Button+Volume Up Key, But Hey NOKIA we want a full fletched Solution for this damn PROBLEM as soon as possible
solution : turn off adaptive brightness and check.me too faced that problem but after turning off the adaptive brightness i didn't face that issue
I wish but it's not that simple problem Because I did turned off the adaptive brightness option since I hv turned on my phone first time after purchasing it. But even then as I hv already stated that my phone's screen blacked out two times.
the its a serious prob nokia should fix this
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