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My phone doesn't connect with my laptop

OK, so what error messages do you get? What are you attempting to do by connecting your phone to your laptop?

I can't help you with the little amount of information you have provided.

Tech Wizard

Unlock the phone before connecting the USB data cable, and select 'allow file transfer' on the phone. It asks every time, for security reasons. - Does this help?
The phone is not luck. It will only charge if it been connected to the P.C, its doesn't bring out any option.

Tech Wizard

Is the USB cable a proper data cable, preferably the one that came with the phone charger? Try a different USB port on the PC, and try a different PC? Also, when did the trouble start? Is there any mechanical damage to the phone, and does the USB cable grip tightly? - It is easier to evaluate with the phone in hand. Maybe ask a skilled friend for help, or ask at the store where you bought the phone? - Claim the warranty if it still fails. It should just work.
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