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Security update

Is almost end of October and my Nokia 7 plus didn't receive security update, is still the one on September the 1st

According to nokia support chat, if you remove your sim you'll get the update that they haven't released yet...

That's a joke? Mine is without Simlock. This makes no sense.
Unfortunately I'm not joking, support just told me to remove the SIM and check for updates to get the October one...
You're joking... I just did that... No update available... That would have been some kind of Voodoo then...
I did that, no update!
Factory reset didn't solve my screen flickering and phone shutting issue. My phone sometimes restarts on it's own. I can't do another factory reset now.
You can not or you will not?
Read my comment again. I said "factory reset" didn't solve my screen flickering issue and I can't do it AGAIN. I've already tried that. Not working.

@DioGenes, I can't make stuff like this up...


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