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October Update

When I first bought my Nokia 7 plus I was getting monthly updates but now I am not. I might get an update for the previous month but not for the month we're on. I am in the UK with model TA-1055. Nokia is not giving customers what they promised, especially when the phone is a Android One. When you email HMD Nokia all you get back is the same recorded response. Crazy

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Shame on Nokia
I got the update yesterday. TA-1062 China.
Care to share any changelog or noticed improvements? Thnx

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It's the same with Indian customers too. It's like instead of monthly updates, now we're given only bi-monthly updates. If they provide updates near the end of month than what's the point? Also at least provide bug fix updates, but I never ever received any bug fixes. It's android one phone, doesn't mean Nokia couldn't provide at least bug fix from their end. There are so many issues after pie update like screen flicker, navigation, unresponsiveness screen. All anyone suggest is a factory reset which is dumb as it doesn't solve issues like constant screen flickers.
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