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We need Moderators, we need Sticks Threads

Hello friends

We urgently need order and moderators here in the forum. The forum is inundated by repeatedly asking the same questions. Apparently no one is able to latch on to topics. of any moderators who solve the problem you will not see anything here, not to mention any official help from Nokia (the Forum acts more like a user helps user forum).

Please, please get stuck in existing topics and do not make a separate area for each question.

I would be for the first time to take this into our own hands,

Software problems with PIE (latest version)

Software problem (Apps)

Hardware problems (Nokia 7 Plus)

Hardware problems (Accessories)

What do you think?

Moderators, please do these things also times sticks, 

Are there any moderators here?

Please liked this post so it vllt also any competent notice

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It's clearly mentioned that this is not a technical support forum but instead a user to user forum . Maybe we all need a tech support forum

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Hi all, 

moved this topic to the right area, so it is now in Site feedback instead of the Nokia 7 plus thread (you mentioned 'order' in the forum). 

As Sherlock pointed out this is intended a user-to-user forum. 

Best regards,

Community Hero

@Nemesizz you make lots of good observations and suggestions. Laura has said they are working on new forum software, I hope we get it soon.

@Sherlock, you're right, what we need is the tech support teams engaged in this forum, not separate. I'm sure that the vast majority of the problems which the tech support team handle are repeat issues. If the questions to them, which are currently via private chat and email, were publicly available for all to see then this would help both users save time AND HMD save time (and money!).

Tech Wizard

The FAQ section of the forum could be used for this? - Some of the FAQ posts regarding for example formatting and use of SD memory cards is misleading for new phone models and need maintenance anyway. -- Hans
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