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Pie 9

Android Pie 9 was stated to be released in UK by month end.

Is that still good info with only two days left to month end?

Also no security patch for October. Last one September.


I'm gonna be honest, I bought this phone for the updates and now I'm thinking it was a bad choice, even OnePlus is on pie
After downloading the new Android 9 update I have also been having problem s with my Nokia like overheating an battery drains quicker. Maybe I also made a bad choice in buying this Nokia 7plus!!!!!!!
Battery now drains quickly after Android 9 pie update....in Oreo it didn't happened...I think it's software issue & can be solved by software update...if they give
Thanx, Il have to ask them if they can give that update instead.
Did your while overheat while charging?
Actually those phones which supports quick charge they heats quickly as because more current is drawn in a specified time compared to normal charge...due to more current & resistance it gets heat up...& It's natural with all phones that support quick charge...don't worry...the chipset is designed in that way that nothing will happen if the phone get heated during charging...so don't worry
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