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Nokia 5.1 Plus display gone blank

Nokia 5.1 Plus display gone blank within 15 days of purchase,need this needs a fix asap since it is causing major issues during emergency times where we will not be able to access the phone.

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Have had the same issue twice. Just do a forced restart by holding the power and volume up key. Seems to resolve the issue immediately. I'm surprised however by the customer support on the forums here. No intervention or response from the HMD team. Sad.

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Same issue with me ..i've purchased my phone just 9 day ago

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Hi Nokia team, I also face the same issue. Either you change my phone or give me may hard earned money. Consider this my as an formal complaint. Thank you Anupam Choudhary

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I do have the same issue. 2 times in last 3 days..

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I have the same issue Display not working Display blank
I had the same issue the day i bought the mobile. But u can see the display in bright sunlight. And i restarted my mobile under sunlight then my problem is solved.
I have the same issue once in last 20days
Hey Nokia officials are you watching this or have u ignored your loyal customers,this problem has been occurring for many of us but you are not even replying,you will loose your customers.
I also suffer this same problems twice hwpl me out from this problem
Me too suffered from same issue.but after restart issue solved.
So No problem after restarting it to you.Let me try this
Dear Nokia,Please make solution for this issue. Dont let the users break their love towards you.
I am also facing the same issue. The touch and finger is working. It is resolved by doing a re-start. I follow 02 steps to restart. 1) power button + volume up together for 10 seconds. 2) press the power button and tap just on the right side of the screen where u usually get the restart option. Since touch is working and if u hit the restart option correctly, then the phone gets power on after about 10 seconds. From the thread below I found a useful tips that the options are visible in bright sunlight, that I shall try next time. Goodluck.
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