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Hello HMD,

I had a look at your new online repair website today:

First, I tried to look using Firefox nightly on Android but it showed the site as distrusted. This is because it uses a certificate by Thawte which is due to become untrusted by both Google and Mozilla in the next few months:

The website currently works on Firefox standard release on desktop, but I don't know about other browsers. It would be wise to get the certificate for this website replaced immediately.

Cheers :)

Tech Wizard

The certificate were set to expire 13. December 2018 and is now replaced with a certificate from DigiCert Inc. that is valid until 2020.

- It should work without alerts now?

(I wonder how HMD's new repair option will affect my European warranty terms in the future, but that's another story!)


Community Hero

@Hans, thanks for the update. The certificate has been updated so there should no longer be any problems.

Yes, the repair option is interestingly not very well explained at all!

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