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Smart Lock issues

 I have been having a problem with the Smart Lock system. I cannot get the app to open after I enter the pin code. It goes to a blank screen.

Searching the net gives me no solutions, all those suggestions assume that you can actually open the screen.

The service worked when I first got the phone so it could be an app or service I installed,

Any help appreciated



short question, did you try this as well? 

Go to Settings > Security & location > Trust agents; disable Smart Lock and restart your phone. After the restart enable Smart Lock again and your Smart Lock should be up running again.  

I can't test it on the Nokia 7.1 but for the Nokia 8 it works :) 

Hope it helps. 

Best regards, 


 Thank you! It seems to have worked.

I left the Apple ecosystem just about a year ago and haven't found all of the little ins and outs of Android yet.

Hello, I have the same problem. After a few days, smart lock will not work again. I have to disable smart lock then restart the phone and then I can enable smart lock again. That happens again and again is very annoying. Would be good if this remedy is created.
Do the disable, reboot, reenable as described above. I did it a week ago and have not had issues with BT smart Lock devices since.
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