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Bug Issues

1) Mute on pickup must work when device is taken horizontally until now it works only when device is taken vertically.

2) Provide option for turning off FINGERPRINT scanner vibration when device is unlocked with fingerprint (all nokia devices have this issue and most of them want to remove it but they know how to give feedback). 


3) Poor RAM management some apps that i want to be run in background gets killed automatically after some time when the screen turns off, example when i put all my apps to update in google playstore and the screen is locked, after some time i unlock it and saw that apps put first for updation are updated and others are not, showing APPS CANNOT BE UPDATED and i have to again enter playstore to update the remaining. Not issue with storage (5 gb space remaining) and not issue with connectivity.


4) In google photos when a picture is viewing and when we clicked on the picture for getting icons for SHARE, INFO, DELETE etc the screen or picture moves/ jerks (moves up and down).


5) 2 different colors are shown in contacts that is 


   i) When entering contacts through phone icon-> contacts it shows color of contact as light shade of the color surrounding alphabet example light yellow ALPHABET (first letter of the contact) inside dark yellow surrounding icon which looks great.


   ii) When entering contacts through contact icon, the icon for contact show WHITE COLORED alphabet inside very dark background which is not great.


6) Sometimes NOTIFICATION DOTS don't go in app even after the notification is seen or message or call is viewed inside the app. 


7) In Type C connector devices data transfer between PC is known to have so much speed but in the case of this device i didn't notice any speed difference between Nokia 5.1 plus and my old Asus zenfone 2 laser.


8)  ANDROID PIE update should be faster since oxygen os working oneplus got their update android one nokia devices taking this much time, Feeling Eh.....

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