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So many models, so little resources

In the past 1.5 years HMD Global has released 18 Android phones.

For comparison, in the past 11 years Apple has released 21 iPhone models.

With what resources is HMD Global able to support this many models? 

Does the Android One program have penalties if a partner misses security updates or OS updates?

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I agree.

~25/02/2018 Nokia 8110 4G launched in 2018 Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain
~04/07/2018 Nokia 8110 4G launched in Malaysia.
~05/07/2018 Juno Sarvikas CPO, HMD Global stated in Twitter “...WhatsApp on KaiOS...”
~10/07/2018 Purchased Nokia 8110 4G, Default software version is
~13/07/2018 Downloaded 1st. update, software version is
~00/00/0000 Still waiting for 2nd software update version as KaiOS Technologies acknowledged there are a few bugs here and there

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