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Airtel carrier- Pie not pushed yet for Nokia 6.1 plus

Hi Nokia, I think the carrier Airtel hasn't yet approved the OTA. Kindly tell them to approve it so the users on Airtel can also enjoy the update. Please share by commenting here if you are using Airtel and hasn't received Pie on Nokia 6.1 plus.

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I too using Airtel, didn't receive the update. If you get it please comment here

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I'm also using Airtel and have not received the Pie update.

im also using Airtel and have not received the pie update
I recieved the update but facing issue of call dropping after updating to Android Pie
Same things with JiO

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Received with jio
I received the update day before and I am on Airtel . After the update data is not working . Also video call via frotn facing camera have become very choppy .
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