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Pixel 3 cam port not working

Hi guys! Can someone please provide a working pixel 3 cam port? I installed one from various sources but they all crash and none of them is working. Also will I get the AI feature and nightscape feature with the port? Thanks in advance to anyone who helps

Port works fine.. Just download this one :

GoogleCamera_6.1.013.216795316-debug.apk (Arnova8G2)



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Virker også fint på min 7+ 

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Aniket Thakur, thanks bro
Aniket bro, everything working fine but I didn't get those AI stickers which I see in pixel 3 reviews, why? Also nightmode is working great. Thanks again.

jak nastavit ukládání SD karty

Continually crashes for me...
@Pikachu u need to download ar apk as it is not included in the camera apk.

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@Aniket Thakur yes, I re-download the gcam with ar stickers and now they're working fine. Thanks for the suggestion.
@Pikachu download the latest version GCam_Pixel3Mod_1_build.6.1.013.apk (Arnova8G2, 2018-11-05, changelog) It has night mode & photo booth too!

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Plz give link to download ar stickers
@Aniket Thakur thanks bro. @1530075644807 This is link for ar stickers with gcam. Install gcam first, thn stickers. Also if it's zip file thn you'll have to first install RaR unzip from playstore. Thn install gcam apk after that install Ar stickers apk given in zip. Also if you've any previous version of gcam installed, thn uninstall it first.
Any link for iron man ar stickers?
Can't find iron man stockers. I think Arcore is pre-installed in Nokia 7 plus, as it shows "installed" in my playstore.
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