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Ozo support 360 audio recorder

Nokia 8 have not a voice recorder application. I think all users at least want that application. Pls nokia 8 team. Make it real. I just wanna record bird voices and listen to them while i go bed :) or i wanna record thunder with OZO. :)

OZO function without audio recorder is lost opportunity. Audio recording using video with low resolution is not usable for recording of e.g lessons. It consume too much space and is limited by time 

 I've found that RecForge Pro II can be set to native mode and record in stereo and seems to respect front and back so maybe it taps directly into the so-called "OZO" output. I tried recording at a concert yesterday but the sound was horribly saturated whereas the video recordings were ok. Not sure if adjusting the levels in RecForge would help, will have to experiment.

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