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No "battery - show percentage" icon

I have a brand new Nokia 7.1 TA-1085 Android 8.1; but I CAN NOT enable battery percentage.

When I go to setting --> Battery there is no "menu" "battery - show percentage" icon/menu.

When I enable "System UI Tuner" - there is no "battery" icon/menu entry either. 

I was under impression this was stock "android one", so why there is no to enable battery percentage in the battery menu?

Was this android one rigged by Nokia?

There is no room for it because of the notch at the top of the screen.

So this is not pure stock "android one" .

How about replacing that battery icon with the percentage number?  And/or giving a user ability to show battery percentage when phone is charging during.  When I lift a phone only the charging symbol is showing by the clock; I have to press the power button to see percentage charged.

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Some of these missing features or bugs are native with the Samsung Experience, hopefully the Pie update will correct them.
I asked Nokia support in chat and they said this feature will be implemented in the future

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