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Nokia 6.1 plus Pie Update OTA not Received

I Think They are many users yet To recieve OTA Update of Pie Any Other users who Still haven't still not received OTA update Plz respond

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If anyone Knows to get official firmware plz give the link and steps to update manually

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Yes. I am from India and many people are facing this issue. The update is nt received. And those who have recieved it, they claim it is quiet buggy. Is Nokia becoming Lenovo (Moto)???

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I too didn't get android p update tilll now

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I am using pie beta, Jio network and i have also not received the OTA update yet.

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I have received pie update just a couple of hours ago. And I buyed Nokia 6.1plus for pie. I'm quite disappointed. I didn't get the single home btn of pie. And the system seems to be lagging. UI stuck when clicked on home screen(sometimes), missed calls not logged. Etc.. hope they fix this soon

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I have not received OTA from Nokia I am using beta version I am facing many kind of problem , stable pie is not received from nokia I think Nokia team is not think about customer

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:// (Add https before : ) this is ota pie catched

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Man Tell How to Install update manually
Rename It DRG-330B-0-00WW-B01-update out It on the root of the internal Memory and go to the dial tipe *#*#874#*#* and It should start updating. If not work update It from the recovery putting the file in the root of sd instead of internal memory
me too have not received the update yet..TA-1083
There are too many stages for rolling out pie I wish I am not in the last stage
It's been just 10hrs when I updated my OS to Pie in Nokia 6.1 plus. I felt it is not good and too many bugs in there. UI is nice 1. When I press Home. The secret gets hanged and it will wake up after 1-2min. 2. I am not able to find option to use multiple apps at a time. 3. And PIP also messed up not working properly for maps.

I have also not received an official pie update yet.


Try tho fix with an factory reset. 

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