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Camera "Macro shot" mode - was this mighty flagshit ever capable of such a thing?

I cannot take photos in macro mode, no matter what I do. It's as if this flagshit wouldn't be capable of it. But look, it says ZEISS near it's fantastic camera lenses! And they make the camera the main selling point in their commercials and presentations! Model TA-1012, running Android 8.1 Oreo with the October 2018 security patch. I love macro shots. I wish I could capture the mini world surrounding us in all its beauty, but I can't. Now... Why can't I? Is it the current camera software? Did it work in previous versions? Or is it a physical hardware limitation?
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Tech Wizard

I agree, HMD's camera app does not work as I expect for macro shots.
In full auto mode it tries make as much as possible of the scene appear 'sharp', and the live-bokeh mode is often not suitable for what I want to do.

A workaround is to select Pro mode, set the manual focus as close as possible, take plenty of pictures while moving the phone towards or away from the subject gradually.

Another option is the Open Camera app by Mark Harman. It is a photographers camera app with macro mode (and much more) when Camera 2 API is enabled in its settings.

The minimum focus distance is 8-10 cm, with just a few millimetres depth really sharp at that distance, so I suggest take plenty of pictures and crop the best one for tiny objects.

It took me a few hundred pictures to get used to.


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