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Hello Nokia first of all Thankyou for giving latest update 9.0pie but still it has bugs which are to be fixed like my phone's charging speed was 1min-1% off screen and on screen charging was 4min-1% in oreo which was too irritating for me but I thought if will be solved in 9.0 but in 9.0 also it takes 2-3min per percent soo please solve this bug and in auto rotate mode that slider is nof working which shows recent apps and swipe up hone button is too slow like you have to swipe up almost 60% of screen to open app drawer if swiped little less then it will stuck to recent apps and still no shortcut for changing profiles from general to silent or vibrate mode play stoare downloading notification is not shown It is only shown when status bar is pulled down and it directly shows instaling animation on notification bar official phone app still dosen't shows recent calls by dialing random numbers. apps crashes are stll going on no night mode in camera and please add the feature to view the video in full screen which only in youtube mx player and other video players still show black in notch part I may report the bugs again Thankyou
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