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How to rollback to android 8 from 9 on nokia 6.1

Unfortunately! I have updated my Nokia 6.1 to Android 9.1 Pie, I quite don't like it there, when I found out it was an beta update. I really wanna go back to Android 8 which was much better than now and even the battery. Someone please let me know, If its possible to rollback my android OS. 

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Hi risingtide,

Android Pie for the Nokia 6.1 skipped the beta labs and you have the finished product. I'm not sure that you can revert back to Android Oreo, as Nokia haven't been releasing images for the phones, as far as I'm aware.

Well, That sucks! Because I was excited to update my android but later found out android 9 ain't that good, I really fee 8 was much better. Bunch of useless features, I guess I should have never made that move. Unfortunately I have got no choice. 

Anyways, Thanks for the update, I hear most of em saying so  

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I found battery to be quite good in Pie on the Nokia 6.1, I think it's actually better than in 8.1. A very big thing though is being aware of third party apps, most are written quite poorly and just chase ad revenue. Not only that, they often are memory resident. I recommend uninstalling everything that you don't need, reconsider this that you don't really need, and for the rest go to settings, apps & notifications, click on see all apps, and then for ALL games click force stop. There's zero reason for them to be allowed to stay in memory. Pushing ads for games and apps should only happen when they're actively in use. For apps that don't need to stay in memory do the same. Be wary of third party launchers etc as well. I use Microsoft Launcher (daily wallpapers, transparency theme, included icon pack) and SwiftKey, both free, frequently updated, quality written, and no ads. By doing so I can force stop Gboard and associated keyboards (pinyin etc), and the default launcher. Having phone memory is no excuse for poor programming or having unnecessary crud in the memory!
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